Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Frequently asked questions

This FAQ (frequently asked questions) page provides answers to some of the questions that my clients and other people frequently ask me about hypnosis and the other therapies I offer.

It should give you a broad overview of what can and cannot be achieved.

“Can my friend sit in the session with me?”

This is perfectly OK, but consider if this may inhibit you from exploring something significant, or alternatively something ,may come to mind that you did not expect and did not want a friend to know?

“How do I get started?”

This is a very common FAQ question. The answer lies here.

“How many sessions will this take?”

It always difficult to say, but my aim is to help you achieve your goal as soon as possible.

“How much will it cost?”

You can see my scale of fees here.

“Can you help me lose weight?”

Yes, but please read my notes in the Weight Loss page. Remember, I am a hypnotist not a magician. 🙂

“My husband and I want to stop smoking, can we see you together?”

Yes, I charge a little more than my usual fee, as this will take longer, but no problem.

“If I see you, will I go under?”

I am not sure what you mean by go under, under what? The strange thing about hypnosis is that you are more awake than you have ever been as your subconscious is more to the fore. I have no power, I am a guide. The short answer is, if you want to go into hypnosis then you will, if not then you will not.

“I am not sure what to say, or if I can be helped?”

A lot of people ask this. Make an appointment or talk on the phone first. I do not have all the answers or solutions but I know many people have found a way forward in their lives by engaging in therapy.

“We went to see a couple therapist and she seemed to take sides?”

It is difficult to comment on this. I never take sides, as such, and always try to remain neutral. This is because in this instance, the “relationship” is my client, rather than the individuals. However, I cannot guarantee that you will not feel as if I have taken sides with one or the other. Remember, your own perceptions may reflect issues in the relationship. You may get a better idea of my approach by reading my relationships page.

“I want to use gastric band hypnosis, does it work?”

Yes, and more effectively than surgery itself, according to research. You do have to change though, I expect you to change your eating, and spend a session working at any issues that are involved in the weight problem. Please see my weight loss page for more information.

“Can you make me walk like a chicken?”

Yes, but only if that is what you want to do. A hypnotist cannot make you do anything that you do not want to do! You may find the Wikipedia article on hypnotherapy is helpful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnotherapy

“I have a question that is not on this FAQ”

I am happy to answer any further questions. Please feel free to email or call me for a chat.