Keith Pearce

Keith Pearce, psychotherapist, counsellor, hypnotherapist and meridian energy practitioner.

Keith Pearce, psychotherapist, counsellor, hypnotherapist and meridian energy practitioner.

Welcome to my site. I am Keith Pearce, a Bedford-based psychotherapist, counsellor, hypnotherapist and meridian energy practitioner.

All of us at some time experience difficulty and uncertainty. This can be caused by problems with work, family, relationships or indeed any part of our life. These times can be confusing and be the cause of what might be described as ‘stuff from the past‘. These times can create uncertainty, anxiety, depression and general fear, or concerns that “I am going mad?” or “it is all my fault“.

I have worked as a therapist since 1996 and feel able to help with most presenting issues. I believe that ‘rapport‘ is the most important aspect of my work.  In other words, does it feel right? My experience has been gained in private practice, supervising the work of others, and involving myself in the management. I also worked as a therapist for the local NHS counselling service, the chief executive of a large multi-centred counselling charity, and teaching skills to others.

There is considerable evidence that talking therapy can and will make a difference to whatever you are struggling with. To that end, I have worked hard to develop a range of skills, with qualifications to match. I am qualified in therapy to Masters level. Which means that I can adapt to your needs.

“So what can Keith Pearce offer me?”

I offer a range of therapies. Please click the links below to find out more: –

I have also trained in Critical Incident de-briefing, Anger management, Couple (Relationship) therapy and Bereavement therapy. I may also be able to help you to quit smoking and with relationship and  weight loss issues.

BACP LogoI also undertake the supervision of other therapists in Talking Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Hypnotherapy. I am also lecturing in Hypnotherapy at Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnosis.

“Can I talk to you in private?”

My work with you is always strictly confidential. My philosophy is to help you to achieve the best outcome possible so that you can lead the life you want with confidence, whilst being free of fear and anxiety. I aim to achieve this outcome with clients in the shortest possible time. To ensure the utmost confidentiality, I also have a very strict privacy policy.

I have a private, non NHS practice in discreet consulting rooms, in the centre of Bedford, near to the Lurke Street multi story car park, with easy access from the M1 and A1. I am available for appointments from 08:00 to 20:00, Monday to Thursday.

I am fully and comprehensively insured and have active membership with a number of related professional organisations and strictly follow their ‘codes of ethics’.